NOTE: In the interest of realism, I no longer have any "Pintabians" or "Arapintos".
All pinto-colored part-bred Arabs are now known as Pinto Half or Part-Arabs depending on amount of Arabian blood.
I do allow "Arapintos" to be bred from my models with no restrictions, but "Pintabians" MUST follow that registry's rules of 99.2% Arabian blood and a tobiano pattern with proof.


Aherne (Rasmoniet RSI <Ar/r> x Avita <A/A> by Aktal <Ar/r>) 1976 palomino, OF LB Arab. LS placed; PS winner.  Sire of AMAHA Nationals Champion, multiple championship in Halter and Presentation Foxfire Supernova owned by Delana Metcalf. 3/4 Arabian.  Bloodlines: Rashad Ibn Nazeer, Moniet el Nefous, 2x Nazeer, Ziada, Deer Lodge.  Foal crops: 1980-1998.
Darkwind (Every Chance <TB> x Dancing Wind <A/A> by Danaus) 1977 dark bay, OF Chesterfield. 7/8 TB. LS Overall Color Res. Champion, Overall China Breed Division, Champion Sport Breed Resin, & Overall Champion China Division; PS Res. Champion Gender & 2x Overall Performance. Bloodlines: Fast Chance, Some Chance, Citation, Revoked, Restless Wind. Foal crops 1981-2000.
Allegro (Masada Phantom <Ar> x Silent Bid <TB> by Spectacular Bid <r>) 1992 chestnut, OF Mini Whinny Running Horse. LS Champion Halter & placed GOS; PS winner. Bloodlines: StarShadow Phantom, *StarShadow Legend, Saafaddan, Bold Bidder, Secretariat. FFC 1995.
Balan (Coup d'etat x Nimue by Urtois <r>) 1991 steel grey (bay), OF SM Rearing Arab. LS winner. Bloodlines: Dionysos II, Samaritain, Tetouan, Burhan, Nithard. Bred by Heidi Reaves. FFC 1994.
Crom (Cimmerian Wind <TB> x Arichelyan <Ar> by Ariston <r>) 1994 black, OF G3 Rearing Flicka Set.  LS placed.  Bloodlines:  Halo, Hail to Reason, Counterpoint, Bask, Proud Griffin.  FFC 1998.

Glimmer (Majeseyn <Ar> x Glissade <TB> by Jack Sprat <r>) 1990 buckskin, OF RR Ruffian “Glory”. LS & PS placed perf. Bloodlines: Serrante, Char Nigre, *El Minyat, Prince John, Valiance. Years open: 1004-2006.
Dancing Aana (Masada Phantom <Ar> x Dancing Wind by Danaus) 1993 blood bay, OF Safari “Morgan Mare”.   LS placed.  Bloodlines: StarShadow Phantom, StarShadow Legend, Saafaddan, Revoked, Restless Wind.  Years open:  1996-2006. 


Terrenio (pending) 199x dapple grey, OF G3 Rearing Andy.  LS winner.


Far Twilight (Fa-Rousse <Ar/r> x Annabelle Twilight <Mor/r> by Lippitt Moro Ashmore) 1974 black, OF SR LB Morgan. LS & PS placed. Bloodlines: Fa-Serr, Fadl, Khebir, Lippitt Ashmore, Twilight Sam Lippitt. Years open: 1978-1995.
Cú Chulainn (Storm Warning <Ar> x Grace Under Fire <Mor> by Sweet Adonis) 1989 chestnut, OF Kennebec Count. LS winner; PS Champion Overall OF Stallion, Gender, Light Breed, Solid Color, Overall Color, & Overall OF Division. Sire of LS placed Cu Starlynn owned by WMHS. Carries silver dapple and can sire silver foals from bay or black mares. Bloodlines: Tayledras, *Muscat, Fadjur, Sweet Success, Pegasus Persuader. FFC 1992.
Tuesday Afternoon (Aqfazu <Ar> x Finally Tuesday Morn <Mor/r> by Robbie-Sue’s Taters) 1992 grullo sabino, OF SR High Wire.  New, unshown.  Bloodlines: Tabuk, Na Rouf, Bask, Applevale Monarch, GB Prancer. Bred by Aspen Hill Arabians.  FFC 1996.
Chaninai (Benzyk x Terebinthia by Sukhaam) 1995 chestnut, OF SR G3 SM AS.  3/4 Arabian.  New, unshown.  Bloodlines: Europejczyk, El Paso, Etap, *Talal, Ashley DeBoyd.  FFC 1999.

Hi-Gold Starlyn (Seraph el Raen x Hi-Winds Starlyn <r> by Ulendon) 1980 palomino, OF FAM. Retired; dam of Champion halter mare & producer of champions Foxfire Skylark owned by Delana Metcalf & LS placed Cu Starlynn owned by WMHS.. 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Morgan. Bloodlines: Soufian CAHR, 2x Alaa El Din, Moniet El Nefous, Zidyadah, Ulendon, Orcland Ambassador, Grenadier. Years open: 1989-2003.
Terebinthia (Sukhaam x Lady Luck Dances by Ashley DeBoyd <r>) 1984 blood bay, OF Running Mare. PS Multi-Champion Overall Western Performance, OF Western Division, OF English Division, & OF Overall Performance. Dam of LS placed Riding Mule Durakkon owned by Emily Briggs. 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Morgan of performance lines. Bloodlines: *Talal, Nazeer, Sameh, Edward Ash, Devan Marsh Hawk. Years open: 1987-1989, 1991-1994, 1996-2004.
Royal Pirate Lass (AH Royal Dynasty x MWF Peppermint Schnapps by Bristols Dancing Pirate) 1990 dapple grey, OF SR Johar. 3/4 Arabian of excellent real and model lines. LS Res. Champion Overall Eng. Perf.; PS placed halter & perf. Bloodlines: Dynasty, Amurath Bandolero, Gazraff, OMA's Don Giovanni, Gallent Sir. Bred by Pointe East/B.L.I.S.S. Years open: 1994-1996, 1998-2006.
Andromache (Foxfire Rainmaker x Foxfire Tasha by Foxfire Chucore) 1993 bay, CM Minuet resin by Coolidge/Feld. LS winner halter, Top Five Overall Performance, Champion Overall Western Division & Overall Grand Champion of Performance Division; PS placed halter, Multi-Champion Overall English, Western, & Overall Performance of Show. 3/4 Arabian. Bloodlines: Overlook Farwa, Abu Farwa, Aurab, Muzulmanin, Justin Knox. Bred by Foxfire Farms. Years open: 1996-2006.


Wildwing Aerie (Sun Rizing x Aria by CH Greenway Commander) 1974 chestnut (3/4 Arabian), OF Padron's Psyche. LS Halter winner, placed perf; 2x PS Multi-Champion Gender & Make, perf winner, TOPSA 2001 Top Ten OF Gender, Showmanship, Chestnut/Sorrel & Arabian Costume, IMEHA 2004 Overall Champion OF Partbred Arabian Gender. Bloodlines: Rapture, Lloyd's Genius Bourbon Prophet, Azlaf Omar, *Raffles, Sun Royal. Bred by Heidi Reaves/WMHS. Foal crops 1978-1998.
Pellinore (Sukhaam x Gwenaria by Gwen’s Golden Boy) 1981 buckskin, CM Sham. LS winner; PS Res. Champion Breed/Gender  & Color. Bloodlines: Talal, Nazeer, Sameh, Belvedere's Golden Temptation, CH Greenway Commander. FFC 1984.
Shir Phantom (Masada Phantom x Shir Delite by Shir Khan) 1985 chestnut, OF SM AS. PS winner. 3/4 Arabian. Bloodlines: StarShadow Phantom, *StarShadow Legend, Saafaddan, Lothar, Stonewall’s Missouri Rebel. Bred by WMHS/Aspen Hill Arabians. FFC 1988.
Pure Gold (TS Solid Gold <r> x Golden Storm by Golden Perfection) 1985 palomino, OF Stone Chip Arabian.  3/4 Arabian.  PS Res. Champion Gender & Color.  Bloodlines: *Bask+++, Witraz, HMR Hallanys Mesaoud, Goldmount Challenger, Storm Warning.  FFC 1988.
Edge of Darkness (Gentrified x Satin Shadow by Satin Silouette <r>) 1989 black, OF Breyer Cl. Shetan. PS winner. Each parent is 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Saddlebred. Bloodlines: Harlem Globetrotter, New Yorker, Bay-Abi, Akab, Flashy Bourbon Peavine. Bred by Laurl Dedes/Julia Lord. FFC 1992.
Gwydion (Gwezary x Fa Sierra by Fa Altair) 1996 flaxen liver chestnut sabino, National Show Horse stallion.  LS OFM Reserve Champion Light/Gaited Division at first show!  Bloodlines: Szary Bask, Bask, Gwen’s Golden Boy, Altair, Serg.  Years open:  1999-2006.
Carnivale (Rosetez x Ayasuha by Ayasaluk Aslan) 1996 dapple palomino tobiano, CM Mini Optime resin by WMHS.  LS winner; PS Res. Champion Overall CM/AR Light Breed & Gender. 3/4 Arabian.  Strongly model-bred: Tante Witez, Witez II, Stonewall's Lil Star, Refky Romance, Tuhotmos. Bred by Red Dragon Farms. FFC 1999.

Aria (CH Greenway Commander <r> x Azhderiane <r> by Azlaf Omar) 1970 chestnut, OF Rejoice. LS Res. Champion Performance - English Division; PS multi-champion halter & Eng. perf, TOPSA 1999 High Point Runner Up OF Part-Arab, TOPSA 2003 Top Ten OF Part Arab Mare. Bloodlines: Lloyd's Genius Bourbon, Prophet Chief of Choice, Stonewall's Golden Dream, Azraff, Awiz. Years open: 1976, 1979-1982, 1984-1990.
Aramisa (Aerie x Semiraimis by *Bashir) 1979 dapple gray, OF MM AM. PS winner. 7/8 Arabian. Bloodlines: Sun Rizing, Rapture, CH Greenway Commander, Ibn Hafiza, Sallam. Years open: 1983-2004.
Elenna (Huckleberry Bey ++ <r> x Flight Time Sue <r> by Flight Time) 1980 dark bay, CM Rejoice by J. Feld.  LS Overall Finish Champion; PS Overall Champion of Show, Res. Champion Mare, Overall CM Division Champion & TOPSA 2001 Top Ten Mare-Junior (Trad/Lg), Part-Arabian, & Other High Stepping Breed, CM Overall Other Perf. Champion, TOPSA 2003 Top Ten CM Part Arab Mare. Dam of LS winning Casimir. Bloodlines: Bay el Bey++, Bay-Abi++, Raffon++, CH Wing Commander, The Supreme Ace. Owned/CM by J. Feld, offered/bred by WMHS.  Years open:  1989-1993, 1998-2001, 2003-2004.
Windstorm (Sakrstorm x Firewind Copper by Rare Treasure <r>) 1981 dark chestnut, OF MM GC. PS winner. 1/2 Arab, 1/2 ASB. Bloodlines: Sakr, Sultan, El Minyat, CH Superior Odds, Nite Rites, CH Penny's Stonewall. Years open: 1985-2004.
Arielle (Wildwing Aerie x Elenna by Huckleberry Bey ++ <r>) 1985 mahogany bay, CM PAM. LS winner; PS Multi-Champion Mare, Gender Division, Solid Color, Color Division, & Overall CM/AR of Show. 62% Arab. Bloodlines: Sun Rizing, Rapture, CH Greenway Commander, Bay el Bey++, Flight Time. Years open: 1988-2004.
Serenade (Serr Moniet x Firewind Filigree by All Hail Columbia <r>) 1990 amber champagne, OF Breyer NSH. 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 ASB. LS winner; PS Champion Overall OF Light Breed, Mare, & Overall Gender, MMHL 2005 Overall Gender Champion. Bloodlines: Ibn Moniet el Nefous, Morafic, Fa-Serr, Oman's Desdemona Denmark, Knolland Supreme. Years open: 1994-2006.
Gwenea (Sabandos x Gwenaria by Gwen's Golden Boy) 1996 dapple grey (buckskin) minimal sabino, OF JCP SR NSH. LS placed; PS Multi-Champion Color & Overall OF Light Breed. Bloodlines: Sambrus, Sambor, Bandos, Belvedere's Golden Temptation, CH Greenway Commander. Years open: 1999-2006.

NOTE: None of the Pinto Part-Arabs below may sire/produce National Show Horses.

Rose’s Painted Breeze (Brezenne x A Little Rose by Little Raffles <r>) 1980 red bay frame overo/sabino, OF MM Rearing Arab. 3/4 Arabian. PS winner. Bloodlines: Painted Breeze Bar, Breeze Bar, Fadjur, Wasl Raffles, Al-Marah Adandy. Bred by WMHS/Carra Reinmiller. Foal crops 1984-2005.
Paint by Magic (High Magic x Paint By Number by *Midnight Serenade) 1989 bay tobiano, OF JCP SR SM Rearing Arab. LS Champion Overall Light Breed. Sire of LS placed, PS Champion Overall OF Foal colt Magiseyn. Bloodlines: Ace's High, Shetan's Black Cougar, Copenhagen, Flying Ace, Sotep. Bred by October Moon Acres. FFC 1992.
Jaime (Heresy x Seraph Rose by Seraph el Raen) 1992 dapple grey (dun) tobiano, OF RR G2 SM MS.  1/2 Morgan, 1/4 Arabian, 1/4 Paint.  LS winner.  Bloodlines: Ashley DeBoyd, Edward Ash, Robbi-Sue's Moralert, Raen, SakrStorm.  FFC 1996.

StarStorm (Staraweh x Bint Stormeyn by *El Minyat) 1980 bay tobiano, OF NSH. PS Gender Res. Champion, OF Make Res. ChampionDam of PS Champion Aabiel owned by James Hopkins & LS halter and perf Champion Pinto All That Glitters owned by S. Stahl.  Bloodlines: The Starbearer, Altair, 2x *El Minyat, Hamdan, *Electric Storm. Years open: 1990, 1991, 1995-2000.
Seraph Rose (Seraph el Raen x Storm Rose by Sakrstorm) 1982 dapple gray tobiano, OF MM Arab Mare. PS placed. 3/4 Arab, 1/4 Paint. Bloodlines: Raen, Zidyadah, Soufian CAHR, *Sakr, Moon Lark. Years open: 1988-1991, 1993-2004.
Gin Blossom (HeartsInAtlantis x Nienna by Fadjur <r>) 1985 dun frame overo, OF JCP SR SM AM. LS placed; PS winner. 1/2 Paint, 1/2 Arabian. bloodlines: Jesse Reno, Jesse James, The Stand, Fadheilan, Ferseyn. Years open:  1994-1998, 2000-2006.
Undeniably Topaz (Undeniable Attraction x Topazesque by *Kafar Ben Orr) 1988 bay tobiano (95.3%), CM Destiny resin. LS Overall Champion Resin CM by Owner & Reserve Champion English Performance; PS Res. Champion Overall CM Division & 2002 Best of the Best CM All English Games/Gymkana Res. Champion. Bloodlines: Jay Dee, Badika, Mizar, Seef, El Araby. Bred by All Hallows Equestrian Center/WMHS. Years open: 1998, 2000-2006


Skyhawk Storm (Skyhawk Bar <QH> x Bint Stormeyn <Ar> by *El Minyat) 1985 flaxen chestnut, OF TJM SM Arab. 1/2 Arab, 1/2 QH. LS placed. Carries the silver dapple gene and can sire silver offpsring from bay or black-based mares. Bloodlines: Bow Champ, Holly 4 Jinx, Sky Rocker, Hamdan, *Electric Storm. FFC 1988.
Sansyn (Sursynbi <Ar> x Sanaria by Ariston <r>) 1996 gray, OF Running Foal. 3/4 Arabian. LS winner; PS Overall Champion Part-Arabian Foal. Bloodlines: Synbad+, Julep, Surf++, *Bask +++, Peppy San. FFC 2000.

Sanaria (Ariston <Ar/r> x Little Pine San <QH> by Peppy San <r>) 1978 black, OF SM Swaps. LS winner; PS winner, TOPSA 2003 Top Ten OF Arabian Cross - Less Than Half & Black - SM Size. Sire is Formal Driving and Park Horse Champion, noted sire of partbred champions. Dam of LS winning American Quarter Pony Little Cody. Bloodlines: *Bask, Witraz, Sedziwoj, Leo San, Poco Pine. Bred by WMHS/D. Dubbeld, CEA/DFS. Years open: 1982-1983, 1985-1995, 1997-2001.
Western Storm (Western Dream <QH> x Stormeyna <Ar> by Fadjur <r>) 1984 buckskin, OF Hartland 5” Arab Mare. PS winner. From excellent performance-bred lines. Bloodlines: Way Out West, Double L Straw, Leo Spanish, Fadhelian, *El Minyat. Years open: 1990-1999, 2001-2004.

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